You’re ready to come up to speed with the online world.

But how to learn quickly — without disrupting your business?

We offer online workshops that structure the work over time, so you can fit it into your schedule. The online workshops include online interaction with your instructor and other participants, to answer your questions as you go.

We often have public workshops too, for more concentrated learning, and we can bring a course to your organization if you need it. (Contact us if you need that.)

What makes these courses effective for you?

  • Feedback and answers: You won’t be going through this all alone. Send in questions as you go, hop onto a live online hangout, show us what you’re working on and where you’re doing great or getting stuck. We’ll be here for you.
  • Smart selections: There are oodles of free and paid resources online for building and running websites, using social media, all of it. Which are worth your time? We show you what’s working for us, so you don’t need to wander around blindly.
  • Just enough accountability: We know you have other work and your regular life going on, so we won’t nag you, but we will check in with you to make sure that things are making sense and you’re making progress.

Our courses include workflow and process development, so you can add your new tools and techniques into your existing systems.

Our Workshops

  • Build Your Excellent Website

    Take Control of the Web

    Create a website that communicates what you do, simply and effectively.

    Find Out More
  • Back on Track

    Get your website rolling
    Revive your website, bring it up to date, and set up a clear plan for keeping it lively. Coming ...

  • Fix Your Damn Website

    Diagnose and Repair Your Site

    Regain control of your website by fixing common mistakes and problems.

    Coming Spring 2014

  • Sociable You

    Connecting & Social Networks

    Use social networks to grow and improve your business.

    Coming Spring 2014

  • Be Findable

    Fundamentals of SEO & Ads

    Use simple search engine tools and online advertising to reach your audience.

    Coming Spring 2014

  • Find Your Voice

    Create Unique Online Content

    Create consistent, unique, and authentic content to use online and in the real world.

    Coming Spring 2014

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