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Website Design

Your website is the face of your business or your organization, an extension of your brand. Make sure it communicates your true message, is easy as pie to use, and works with your organizational processes (not against them).

Get a website that helps the world interact with you.

What we do: specification, design, and implementation; website redesign; e-commerce design and integration; blogs, wikis, forums, and social media; content management systems (CMS); web hosting

Website Content Strategy

You’ve got a website; now what? If you leave it alone, untouched, the content will turn stale and out-of-date. Search engines will recognize that it never changes, and they’ll drop it in their rankings. And site visitors will see that there’s nothing new to discover, and they’ll stop visiting.

We can help you set up a regular schedule of updates, prompting you with ideas and helping you craft it into web-ready content. Your site will stay fresh and helpful.

What we do: message hierarchy development; content strategies and planning; social media coaching

Blogs & Social Media

What No One Tells You About Blogging

Photo credit: “What no one ever tells you about blogging” by andyp_uk on Flickr

Blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube … with so many places to be online, which is right for you and your organization? How can you make the most of opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of social networks and online communities?

We can help you take stock of how you’re perceived currently in the blogosphere and other communities, discover the tools and services that are available and a fit for your goals, create a social media plan that you can execute with confidence.

What we do: benchmarking in your segment or industry; monitoring and awareness measurement; social media strategy development; social media kickoff and coaching

Measurement & Analysis

Are people visiting your website? What are they looking at; what are they clicking on? What are they responding to? (Is anything driving them away?)

Collect site statistics that are critical for your business performance, analyze the data, distribute results within your organization, and discover what your customers really want. Measure results to show the return on your web investment.

What we do: traffic reporting and analysis; user testing; conversion; content experiments

Online Ads, Marketing, and SEO

When your website is ready for action, you need to drive traffic to it. Make it an integral part of your marketing programs, ensure that it shows up in search engine results, and place smart online ads, and your traffic stats will jump.

What we do: web integration with offline marketing; search engine optimization (SEO); online advertising

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