Finding Your Voice: Post Workshop Materials


Vine of cardsorting exercise courtesy E.Louis Larson

What a lot of good discussion and hands-on work we had at the Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop, hosted by HandsOn Tech, part of Pittsburgh Cares, and Google Pittsburgh.

I hope you found the presentation and the card sorting exercise helpful, and I hope you’re inspired to take what you learned back to your organization.  

As promised, below are links to the presentation slides and to resources you can reference to develop your content strategy.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Margot Bloomstein’s Content Strategy at Work – it’s a fun and helpful read, and it gives you the tools to lead your team to find your organizational voice and to build and execute your content strategy. Let us know how it goes!

(If you’d like the help of impartial facilitators to guide your team through the exercise, give us a call.)

Presentation Deck


Don’t forget about the upcoming social media events at HandsOn Tech.

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Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop

Finding Your Voice: A Social Media Content Development Workshop

Blog Events

Say anything

Are you a registered Pittsburgh nonprofit that wants to connect your mission with your audience through social media?  Do you want to engage on Twitter or Facebook, but you’re not quite sure what to say?

Join Big Big Design’s own Cynthia Closkey for a content development workshop hosted by HandsOn Tech Pittsburgh and Google Pittsburgh.  HandsOn Tech, part of PittsburghCares, was created to help Pittsburgh nonprofits use technology effectively and efficiently so they can focus and succeed in their missions.

Registered nonprofits can sign up for this April 17th event at Bakery Square.  Hope to see you there!

Is Facebook suppressing views of free posts?

I recently tried a little experiment. I paid Facebook $7 to promote my column to my friends using the company’s sponsored advertising tool.

To my surprise, I saw a 1,000 percent increase in the interaction on a link I posted, which had 130 likes and 30 reshares in just a few hours. It seems as if Facebook is not only promoting my links on news feeds when I pay for them, but also possibly suppressing the ones I do not pay for.

Disruptions: As User Interaction on Facebook Drops, Sharing Comes at a Cost,”  by Nick Bilton, New York Times.

Dear Facebook friend: Don’t expect me to manage your online privacy for you


There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to Facebook notifying you that a friend has tagged you in a photo with your ex- from three relationships ago with the caption “True love 4evah!”  Or perhaps you’ve been tagged in the comments of a post that’s become uncomfortably political.  Or maybe your friend’s recent post to your timeline is an obvious advertisement for cosmetics.  Or deeply discounted airline tickets.  Or a free iPhone 5.  

Your immediate reaction may be to contact your friends and request that they untag you from their content.  If you’re unwillingly tagged in content, that is a breech of your online privacy and your friends should respect your privacy, right?

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New kid on the block

New kid on the block


Danielle Nicol

I’m so pleased to introduce you to our new web designer here at Big Big Design: Danielle Nicol.

Danielle worked with us previously as a contractor, helping us build new sites. She came on board full-time this month, and in addition to working on new websites she’s helping support our existing clients.

Danielle has been blogging since 2002 — I first met her at a Pittsburgh Bloggers event years back — so if you have questions about keeping your blog lively, she’s a perfect person to ask.

What’s new in “New Media” in 2012?


On Friday I spoke on a panel about Media, to the current class of Leadership Butler County. My topic was “New Media,” though when you think about it, the Web has been around for a couple of decades so it’s not so very new any more.

Here’s the presentation I gave: