Everybody knows that most passwords will remain unchanged. Yet our collective response to Heartbleed has been to patch our servers and email users asking them to do something we know most of them won’t do.

Here’s what our response should have been:


It turns out that passwords are obsolete, and they have been for a long time. Like the occasional pay phone you find in the back of a run-down restaurant, passwords have been unnecessary for years. The difference is that everyone laughs and reminisces when they see a pay phone, but nobody does that when they see a password field. But they should.

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Performance-wise, there are a few things to keep in mind. The iframe content is entirely controlled by Getty. They could put something in there that could greatly affect your site’s performance—be it a huge, unoptimized image, slow scripts, or irresponsible requests. In that same vein, since you have no control over the images, you won’t be able to implement a responsive image strategy, once those solutions are released into the wild.

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